BAKST is a world-wide network of consulting resources devoted to providing efficient, yet economical, management and project support services at fixed cost to any location. Through its offices, representatives and affiliates in the United States, Europe and Asia, The BAKST Network has successfully supplied management and support services for over 350 organisations in 17 countries.

The Network's functions range from the supply of highly qualified individuals for staff augmentation to the total management and implementation of major development and operations efforts. A fundamental feature of these functions is their total flexibility: in recognition of each organisation's specialised environment and objectives. Each service is tailored in response I" an individual situation - thereby providing the best possible support where the need is greatest.

The BAKST Network places great emphasis on long term commitment to its clients and insists on delivering only professionals of the highest calibre to complete an undertaking. This combination ensures that a strong association based on mutual understanding of objectives, teamwork and shared interests results, strengthening operations and increasing profits.

Today, The BAKST Network has access to professionals throughout the world whose academic and professional backgrounds cover a wide range of disciplines including Computer Science, Business Management, Finance, Costing and Accounting, Industrial Engineering, Operations Research, Statistics, Economics, and Behavioural Sciences.

BAKST products

Contractor Administrative ServicesContractor Administrative Services

Bakst has responded to the needs of telecommunications and high technology providers engaged in project installation and ongoing maintenance of systems to source and administer their growing use of contractors in an increasingly competitive international arena.

Our services include:
  • Sourcing and qualifying contractors worldwide
  • Negotiating contractor rates, terms and conditions
  • Visa and immigration applications
  • Housing and accommodation arrangements
  • Contractor time-sheet management
  • Contractor payments
  • Ongoing contractor support
  • Recruitment and employee leasing

Channel Capacity CommanderChannel Capacity Commander

THE SOFTWARE MAINTENANCE -Channel Capacity Commander has been developed by the BAKST Group to provide companies with a method for controlling the IT appli¬cation maintenance process. The product consists of non-subjective Key Performance Indicators, a main¬tenance capacity modelling tool and facilities to enable effective budgeting of future maintenance requirements.

Inteligence Distribution MonitoringInteligence Distribution Monitoring

The I DM service lets software and hardware companies take their products into the booming Asian markets. With the markets and the cultures vastly different from the West, IDM provides the right mix of western practices and Asian knowledge which helps companies penetrate the Asian markets with ease, efficiency and economy.