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Contractor Administrative ServicesContractor Administrative Services

Our Vision

The seamless integration of contractors and organisations.

Our Mission

Through strategic partnerships and a passion for excellence, Bakst delivers innovative solutions that allow our clients to effectively manage their contractor relationships with ease.

Our Core Values
  • Integrity, through always acting in the best interests of our clients
  • Dedication, through our commitment to our people, our contractors and our clients
  • Honesty, through clear, open and simple communication
  • Assiduity, through carrying every task and assignment right to the end
  • Perfection, through continuous improvement processes to everything we do
  • Client focus, through long term client relationships that add value to all parties
  • Fairness, through competitive pricing that provides real savings to our clients

Schedule of Services

Bakst Contractor Administrative Services provides its clients with a complete Contractor Administration system, comprising:

  • Sourcing and qualifying contractors worldwide

    The world economy is rapidly moving away from long-term employees to the engagement of defined term contractors performing specific tasks to achieve agreed outcomes. Bakst provides organisations with access to technical specialists from a variety of countries at significant cost savings.

  • Negotiating contractor rates, terms and conditions

    Sourcing contractors from a variety of countries for all facets of project development, installation and ongoing maintenance of projects is a highly complex function. Bakst has simplified the negotiation of all aspects of contractor engagement by way standardised gradings and documentation that remove the myriad of recruitment issues and problems besetting human resources departments.

  • Visa and immigration applications

    Bakst has been dealing with immigration departments throughout the Asia-Pacific region for over two decades. We have the experience and knowledge to ensure that all contractors have the correct visa issued and are legally allowed to work for the full term of their contracts.

  • Housing and accommodation arrangements

    Our clients have a right to expect that contractors are effective members of their project teams from their very first day of their assignment. Contractors coming from out of state or internationally need to have their housing and accommodation arrangements solved for them to ensure their focus is on our client's needs and not on any personal anxiety over housing in a strange city. Bakst solves these problems.

  • Contractor time-sheet management

    Bakst works with its clients to ensure that all contractor time-sheets are completed on time and approved within each client's delegation authority levels. Bakst manages the entire process of contractor time-sheets.

  • Contractor payments

    Having a large number of contractors in different locations can lead to delayed, or even missed contractor payments. This can be very detrimental to contractor morale and productivity. Contractors can also require their payments to be made internationally, and even separated into different bank accounts and currencies. Bakst simplifies this process by allowing a client to make one master invoice payment to Bakst that is also correctly cost coded. Upon payment by the client, Bakst then disburses the exact remuneration to each contractor. Of real benefit to our clients is the simplicity of having only one supplier to deal with.

  • Ongoing contractor support

    Contractors are people who have all the normal concerns and requirements of human beings in a complex society. Bakst provides ongoing support to contractors to ensure that they have ready access to solutions to their unique issues. Immigration, tax planning, career development, training, contract renewals and legal advice are some of the areas that Bakst provides valuable assistance. This support ensures that contractors are focused on our client's project and not distracted by frustrations and delays in working in a strange environment.

  • Recruitment and employee leasing

    Bakst recognises that its clients also have long term personnel requirements that can only come from career employees. To satisfy this need Bakst can identify and recruit suitable candidates for either permanent placement or employee leasing.

The Benefits of working with BAKST

The outsourcing of Contractor Administration is now considered to be sound business practice throughout the Asia Pacific region. Bakst is the industry leader with clear distinctive competencies. They include:

  • Real cost savings

    Unlike employment agencies that mark-up the cost of their contractors by up to 30%, Bakst invoices its clients for the actual cost of the contractor plus an agreed monthly administration fee. Typically, our administration fee is less than 5% of the contractor costs, resulting in client savings of up to 25% over alternative sources.

  • Impartiality

    Because our income is derived from our administration charges, we have no conflict of interest in providing contractors at the lowest possible cost. We can also perform the management and administration of contractors provided by alternative agencies to ensure that all contractors in a project team are benefiting from our skills and expertise.

  • Simplicity

    Bakst consolidates the myriad of contractor arrangements into one simple point of contact. All contractor agreements are standardised, and monthly time-sheets are prepared and authorised within our clients' delegation authorities. Our clients receive one invoice, correctly coded into all project cost centres. One payment is made to Bakst to settle all accounts with contractors, eliminating accounts payable reconciliations and deadlines.

  • Specialisation

    Bakst has developed proprietary systems, procedures and has extensive expertise in managing the human element of contractors. Our clients' managers can better focus on their project teams objectives happy in the knowledge that day to day contractor management issues are being anticipated, dealt with and resolved by Bakst.

  • Control

    Our exclusive Steering Committee process allows every client to retain complete control over the implementation and operation of a Contractor Administration program without the need for day to day management involvement.

Channel Capacity CommanderChannel Capacity Commander

THE SOFTWARE MAINTENANCE -Channel Capacity Commander has been developed by the BAKST Group to provide companies with a method for controlling the IT application maintenance process. The product consists of non-subjective Key Performance Indicators, a maintenance capacity modelling tool and facilities to enable effective budgeting of future maintenance requirements.

The Channel Capacity Commander is a hybrid service comprising an expert Software Maintenance Channel Capacity modelling system supported by experienced software maintenance consultants, statisticians, operations research and psychology specialists.

The Commander provides three levels of service:

  1. A system of Key Performance Indicators that enables the objective control of the Software Maintenance Channel.
  2. A tool for managing the elements that comprise the Maintenance channel, providing options and alternatives.
  3. An opportunity to budget future expenditure on maintaining systems and truly plan the replacement of existing systems that support the business.

The complete Commander service goes beyond the traditional approach adopted in Software Maintenance tools by integrating the use of expert models with the personal support and guidance of experienced consultants and specialists.

Inteligence Distribution MonitoringInteligence Distribution Monitoring

The absence of a local office and the over-dependence on distributors to penetrate a remote and a difficult market often leads to the failure to make an entry into the Asian markets.

The I DM service lets software and hardware companies take their products into the booming Asian markets. With the markets and the cultures vastly different from the West, IDM provides the right mix of western practices and Asian knowledge which helps companies penetrate the Asian markets with ease, efficiency and economy.

IDM is a team dedicated to bringing US companies to Asia, which find its markets too different and difficult. IDM selects and manages a set of distributors through which US companies funnel their products. The involvement of IDM ensures that no compromises are made to goals of the company while cultivating new markets.

IDM sets up the network, coordinates the sales of products; monitors the network and advises the companies on crucial matters like taxes, tariffs, company laws & customs. The service provided is the next best alternative to setting up an office managed by the company's own staff.