BAKST Services

In brief, the major computer support and management services available through the world-wide BAKST Network are:


BAKST is widely experienced in quickly and accurately identifying the requirements of each situation and progressively monitoring the project to ensure that the end product meets the stringent demands set by both the user and the working situation. The BAKST Network has access to many highly qualified analysts with sound knowledge of all sectors of finance, busi-ness and industry- where applicable


The BAKST Network has successfully undertaken several assignments which have allowed organisations to implement sizeable projects outside the sphere of their routine operations. The Network's expertise in this field, in addition to its design and implementation of Key Perfomiance based monitoring systems, has resulted in the implementation of these projects without the unnecessary expenses normally resulting from inadequate planning and inefficient project control.


BAKST has developed proven models and systems to examine the results of calls/enquiries to your organisation. This analysis is provided through the use of: (1) Customer Service Model (2) Product Model (3) Transaction Analysis Model.

The combined outputs and analysis provide a platform to launch/maintain a Customer Retention program. In addition, Competitive Products can be analysed and compared to plan a measured response.


Through the use of BAKST Expert Systems, production/maintenance activities can be sized and measured.

BAKST, through the use of operations research, statistical and behaviour techniques can provide a management system to plan/measure and forecast production cost/staffing in a given process. BAKST on-line consulting models are reviewed and audited by independent researchers at leading universities. The product is particularly suited to computer programming.


The BAKST Network has access to professionals qualified and experienced in variety of applications and software techniques. This resource consists of a pool of employees who can function at various levels in your organisation either on a project basis or as members of your staff. The Network's success in this area is directly attributable to its dedication to detail and standardisation of routine procedures. The Network has already provided assistance in designing and developing many major systems including Online Bank Processing and MIS Systems, major-Health Care Systems, On-Line Order Processing and Stock Control Systems, and Order and Revenue Management Systems


Through its world-wide representation, The BAKST Network can search beyond limited geographical areas to locate and deliver experienced and reliable professionals for key positions within your organisation.

The possibilities open to your organisation through The BAKST Network's extensive consulting resources are virtually limitless. Discuss them with a representative of The BAKST Network in the near future.